Children's proceedings

At HF Legal we are here to listen to your concerns and help provide the best solution so that you achieve what you’re looking for. But most importantly we ensure the well-being of your child is the primary focus of any proceedings.

When it comes to children we know that this is naturally an emotional time, regardless of your position within the proceedings. Under child arrangements’ there are multiple issues that have to be considered. Whenever there are cases involving children the natural instinct is to do what you believe is right. In many cases the other side has exactly the same end goal, but what they believe is right may be different. This means that both parties naturally become protective and quickly become entrenched into a position.

It is hard to be objective when you are so highly emotional and that is where we are here to support you. As highly experienced practioners in all aspects of private child proceedings we can advise and undertake all aspects including prohibited steps and child arrangement orders.


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