Divorce and separation

When there is a major change in anyone’s life it is important to be able to understand all the variations and options that are available to you.

Too often lawyers are focused on the legal issues and the facts of a case and traditionally legal proceedings are by their nature contentious and confrontational. Typical law cases are all about the blame, allegations and counter allegations. This raises the level of conflict and upset. Legal costs then escalate, but more importantly the people involved lose sight of what is actually important.

We take a different approach.

When a relationship ends it is natural for there to be high emotions and anxieties over that is going to happen – regardless of whether you are instigating the change or not. By not just applying our legal knowledge but by also approaching these situations in a holistic manner means we can reduce the animosity that may occur.

Using our expertise in coaching and mediation together with effective analysis of the family dynamics means that we are able to understand your needs and achieve your ultimate aims more effectively.

We read and analyse the individuals involved, plus the legal issues and overlay with the actual situation, including the dynamics of how the separation has occurred. We are than able to provide a more complete service and that we address what is most important to you.

And, we are available 7 days a week as we understand that sometimes it’s the weekends that you need most support and reassurance, both emotionally and legally.


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