Lasting Power of Attorney

In a similar manner to Wills, Lasting Power of Attorneys are important as it allows you to appoint someone you trust to look after your affairs in the unfortunate event that you lose your capacity to make decisions through illness or an accident.

With the advances in medical treatment and care, and our desire to push our bodies to the limits, more and more people who have suffered horrific injuries are able to survive. Whilst this is fantastic, it can bring with it problems for families to know what their loved ones would like and how to administer things, should they be unable to communicate their wishes.

A Lasting Power of Attorney can help deal with finances and property or health and medical care. You can either have both or each one separately.

LPAs are registered at the office of the public guardian and allow someone you trust to:

  • Ensure your estate is being taken care of as they think you would wish. Whether it be a family member, a close friend or solicitor
  • Make decisions on a temporary or permanent basis – for example, they can be used if you’re in hospital
  • Oversee your money and how your property is utilised whilst you still have full mental capacity (with a property and financial LPA) including to providing access to your bank account, speak to pension providers or credit card companies on your behalf or query bills with utility providers
  • Make decisions about your healthcare when you can’t make decisions for yourself (with a health and welfare LPA)


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