Mediation is an effective tool that is used in all types of legal disputes from family disputes to workplace tensions. Our Mediation service for family and workplace disputes is quicker and far less stressful than going to court. With fixed fees with no extra charges, we work at a pace and timescale that suits you. We ensure that you receive the help and support to work in a constructive and co-operative way to reach solutions with the other side, so you can make a collective decision rather than being imposed upon you by a court.

Family Mediation

Our Family Mediation service gives parents who are separating, separated or divorcing the opportunity to sort out the practical issues, such as arranging access to children and resolving any financial issues in a way which works for everyone.

We help parents or carers to reach well-informed decisions that are practical and fair to both parties, without taking sides or trying to influence their decisions in any way. The parents or carers work together with us to identify what needs to be settled, explore the options available, discuss individual and collective concerns, and consider ways of reaching agreement on the things each feel need to be resolved.

Family Mediation helps parents to stay in control over the decisions without the need for these decisions to be settled through solicitors or in court.

If this is something that sounds appealing to you it’s not too late to mediate, even if your case has already gone to court.

Workplace Mediation

Our Workplace mediation service enables anyone having difficulties or conflict in the workplace a positive opportunity to resolve things and find a way forward. We appreciate that conflict can occur in many different ways, whether that is with colleagues, teams or management on both a practical and interpersonal level. We can help repair relationships and restore a healthier working environment for those concerned, as well as those around who are affected by the fallout.

Here’s a list of just some of the issues in the Workplace suitable for Mediation. Please bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Grievances in response to management style or performance management
  • Line management tensions
  • Change management and restructure
  • Allegations of bullying and harassment
  • Perceived discrimination and cultural conflicts
  • Attitude, communication and behavioural issues
  • Personality clash
  • Team issues

How it works

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process which is designed to assist two or more parties in conflict. We give all parties the opportunity to discuss issues in private with an impartial independent third party. We help build understanding between the parties to enable them to see things from a different perspective before considering how best to move forward.

The first step in the process begins with a brief referral call with the referring person (no charge), followed by individual sessions with each party prior to the mediation session taking place.

Each of our mediators has a breadth of experience across a range of business sectors and at all levels in organisations.


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