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I’m Charlotte Harper a qualified mediation and legal practitioner with extensive knowledge and understanding of the legal system, who is able to support your needs along with providing practical advice and guidance on a variety of legal issues.

I’m also a Mum, with two grown-up children, who understands the struggles of trying to balance work and bringing up kids the right way. I’ve also experienced the heartache, time and money a drawn-out divorce has on everyone involved, including my children.

So, when I started my business, I wanted to create a different kind of legal practice. One that would support my clients, give them honest advice on the options open to them and highlight any risks and benefits of the pathways they choose to take.

There is no such thing as a bad decision just an ill-informed one. Our aim at HF Legal, is to provide a safe place where our clients can ask the questions they have always wanted to ask (however big or small) but have been unsure as to whether they are relevant to their situation or not.

That’s why our legal practice is open 7 days a week.

We understand times of uncertainty or even hopelessness doesn’t just happen between 9-5, Monday-Friday. We’re here to help remove any fears, feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed, no matter whether that’s dealing with letters from solicitors, problems that occur during the weekend from a child seeing their other parent. Or, even advising on some of those difficult questions from children that you’re not sure how to answer.

And, it’s not just individuals in times of need that we help.

We’re here to help business and entrepreneurs too. We have been closely involved with various businesses and not just settled problems that had already occurred, but also talked our clients through their business and identified any risks associated. So, together we can tighten up their processes to ensure future vulnerabilities are extinguished.

So, in summary our aim is to provide the perfect combination of extensive legal knowledge with the support of a friend.


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